The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in pictures

Image by Paul ZoellerImage by 20090219-net-casting.jpg

Paul Zoeller has an excellent collection of photos from the 27th annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE). Hawk demonstrations, vendors' items, snakes, art, net casting, and (my new favorite event) DockDogs, it's all there.

Read more stories on this subject in our Paul Zoeller topic page, and our SEWE topic page. And he's got a good little narrative to accompany the images, too. In part:

Thousands of khaki-wearing, camera-toting patrons descended on downtown Charleston during the weekend, hunting for that perfect picture or sculpture. They swarmed from exhibit to exhibit at every location, picking out everything from arts and crafts to guns and boats.

I never realized guns and boats were art? I soon realized the event was not just an art show but a celebration of wildlife.

Go check 'em out over at The Summerville Journal Scene.