Gas nears $4 a gallon on average

As gas prices grow ever higher, there are a couple of stories out on the issue.

First off, The Post and Courier has a Watchdog report on gas stations jilting customers with tanks that charge for more gas than they actually give. Here's an excerpt:

A few weeks ago, Thomas Taylor went to a gas station in North Charleston to refuel his motorcycle. He topped off the 1.7-gallon tank and stopped the pump. But when he looked at the pump’s display, the dollar total kept spinning higher.

"It lasted about 15 seconds, and I held the gas pump in the air to show the clerk that I was being charged for air," said Taylor, a local bartender. "But he told me I had to pay. It makes me wonder who out there is cheating."

Then Live 5 News has a few tips on saving gas, including not idling, avoiding driving short distances, and not zooming off when the light turns green.

Most everyone is feeling the burden of higher gas prices in one form or fashion, whether its your own gas expenses or retail prices increasing as a result of higher delivery costs and so on. How are you dealing with it?