Former principal finally talks about Sanders-Clyde scores

The former principal of Sanders-Clyde Elementary (the school that has fallen under fire for mysteriously high then mysteriously low PACT test scores) had been keeping mum about her side of the story.

Well, an emotional, stressed, and candid MiShawna Moore finally told her side of the story. She sat down with The Post and Courier and from their retelling, it's a believable account. Moore faults an overly obtrusive monitoring of the test by state officials, saying:

I'm not saying that it was totally on that, but the monitoring procedures from what we'd done since 2003 up until 2008 were drastically different. I'm just telling you that I know that the monitoring procedures that happened at Sanders-Clyde impacted test scores.

Hop over to The Post and Courier to read the full account.

A change in procedure could certainly make a difference, but so could the absence of test-altering. There's no way to know. We'll just have to wait until the investigation is done to know with any certainty.

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