Lawmakers push for ultrasound viewing before abortions

Image by Flickr user dental benImage by 20090105-ultrasound.jpg A "3D" ultrasound image of a fetus.

Update January 28: Another bill that would require women to wait 24 hours after getting an ultrasound is making it's way through a House subcommittee.

The bill mentioned bellow seems to still be alive, but has about half as many legislators backing it.

First reporting: Eight months after South Carolina lawmakers passed legislation requiring that ultrasound images be made available to woman considering abortions, lawmakers are preparing to strengthen those rules.

Seven members of the S.C. House have prefiled a bill that requires physicians to inform women that they have the option to view the ultrasound, and provide a list of places where woman can receive free ultrasounds done with the latest-generation technology.

The hope is that women would be able to get the latest, most life-like ultrasound images of the fetus. Proponents of the bill believe that the imagery combined with state-required information about the fetus age, development and the one-hour waiting period will make many woman reconsider an abortion.

Here's a link to the bill and some analysis over at The State.