Sanford surfaces in Atlanta ... on return from Argentina

Image by Flickr user mherrero Image by 20090624-argentina.jpg If you don't see Sanford, it's because he's now back from Buenos Aires.

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Assurances that Gov. Mark Sanford had simply gone hiking for a few days started fast slipping after the governor's black Chevy Suburban was found in the parking lot of the Columbia airport.

And in the car? A baseball hat, shoes, a canvas bag, and a sleeping bag. -- Facts that rather contradict reports that he had gone for a hike.

And then WYFF 4 in Greenville reported that Sanford had been spotted at the Atlanta airport.

Low and behold, at 8 a.m. we had our answer: The State greeted Sanford at the Atlanta airport on his return flight from ... drumroll ... Argentina.

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Finally, as The Post and Courier's Brian Hicks points out, all this hubbub about Sanford using a state car and taking time off is just silly -- but I do disagree with hicks in that Sanford does deserve some chaffing for not having an emergency communication line open.

You never know when it might be needed ... it could be that your future in politics is at stake and all you needed do to save it was make one simple phone call.