Nader makes it onto ballot in S.C.

Image by flickr user wickendenImage by 20080714nader.jpg If you were looking for another choice in the general election for president, well now you have one.

Organizers in South Carolina for presidential candidate Ralph Nader have gotten more than 18,500 signatures and filed petition Monday afternoon to get his name on the ballot. Really, they only needed 10,000, but it's always better to go big, right?

Nader has been on the ballot in South Carolina for every presidential election since 1992, though he probably got the most notice in the 2000 election. Many Democrats accuse him of being the reason Democrat Al Gore didn't win the presidency, though Nader has rebutted such arguments by saying that it was the Democrats' election to lose and they are the ones who failed the American public.

As The State reports, Nader won 5,520 votes out of 1.6 million cast in South Carolina in 2004.