The Post and Courier endorses McCain with unconvincing logic

The Post and Courier has endorsed John McCain for president. -- All-in-all, I share my disappointment that I had with The State's endorsement, not because of who, but because they fail to mention in any way why either candidate might be better for South Carolina's interests.

But, when it comes to The Post and Courier's endorsement, I am disappointed even more so as I find many of thier statements to be broad and sweeping. If it were posted online (which it is) I'd call it: Troll bait.

Take this statement:
Sen. McCain would appoint constitutional constructionists to the federal bench. Sen. Obama would appoint liberal activists.

Yikes. I could believe them, but that's all they said on the matter. And what I do know, off the top of my head, is that Obama has a constitutional law background. So, yes, he could be bad for the appointment of judges -- but tell us how you got to that conclusion.

And then there's this one:
But [Obama] falls far short of Sen. McCain on the decisive question of experience — an especially critical consideration in regard to foreign policy.

In itself, that's not a bad statement, aside from the piece not mentioning Palin a single time.

So, it's not that I don't find many of The Post and Courier's points without merit, they just don't say why I should believe them.

So, once again, I'll reiterate my point that I said when The State endorsed someone for president: There are plenty of smarter people thinking about why McCain or Obama are the right (or wrong) choice for the U.S.A. Papers like The Post and Courier and The State are in the best position to spend their time helping us decide on local races. Especially so it they're going to do a shoddy of a job as The Post and Courier has done.

So, for keeping track, The State went McCain, and The Charleston City Paper with Obama. But, again, you'd be far better off reading The Chicago Tribune's endorsement for Obama (the first time they've ever picked a Democrat), or The Dallas Morning News' endorsement of McCain.

Or, check the list of endorsements for Obama and McCain.

At any rate, here's the link to The Post and Courier's full endorsement.