Race, war pulling at S.C. voters

Image by Ken Hawkins/TheDigitelImage by 20081102black.gif While there are more veterans here than the national average, there is a far greater concentration of black residents: In South Carolina 14% of residents are veterans (2 points more than the national average) and 29% of residents are black (16 points greater than the national average).

The economy, taxation, energy policy, Supreme Court policy and many many other issues often find themselves taking a backseat to other more periphery traits. In this election Obama's Black pull and McCain's POW pull have played a great role in how voters are likely to choose the next president.

The State has done an interesting piece exploring how those factors are impacting in South Carolina. The paper stopped by the Yorktown moored in Charleston to see how those with military backgrounds are feeling, and they also stopped by Georgetown, where some of the Obama family lives.

In part:
They spoke of the Vietnam War veteran and longtime prisoner of war with great respect. A man who has endured so much, they argued, is just the right person to help the nation endure its current troubles. ...

There is kid-before-Christmas excitement in Georgetown County, where many African-American residents are counting the minutes until they can vote for Barack Obama, who could become the nation’s first black president.

It's an interesting read that you won't often find in the national media as South Carolina is far from a battleground state. Go read The State's story.