State committee: Freeze teacher pay

The South Carolina Education Oversight Committee is recommending that public school teachers should have their pay frozen, and that the financial incentive to get the state's teachers certified stop being awarded to new teachers. -- That stipend increases teacher salaries by $7,500 per year.

The action is being recommended to cope with the state's financial crisis.

In South Carolina, teachers are paid an average of $47,376, some $370 more than the southeast's average.

Head over to The State for the story.

What is the committee? In their words:
The South Carolina Education Oversight Committee (EOC) is an independent, nonpartisan group made up of 18 educators, business people, and elected officials who have been appointed by the legislature and governor to enact the South Carolina Education Accountability Act of 1998. The Act sets standards for improving the state's K-12 educational system.