Mourning Charlestonians killed in Mississippi bus crash

Paula Kemp, 53, of Mount Pleasant and Glenda Stone, 53, of Goose Creek are being remembered by their friends, families, and communities after they were killed in Sunday's Mississippi bus crash.

The Post and Courier interviewed many people who knew the the two from the Charleston area.

Paula Kemp was a mother of two and a first grade teacher at Mount Pleasant Academy. Glenda Stone was a "volunteer children's advocate" and also had two children.

It's an understandably touching story:
"When it happened I kind of had a bad feeling when I didn't hear from her," he said in a telephone interview from his home. "She would have called to let me know she was all right."

Hank Kemp said his wife "loved her kids. She loved God and she loved to teach."

Read more on both victims at The Post and Courier's Web site.

ABC News 4 also has a slightly less compelling story, where they talked with school officials about Paula Kemp.

Update 9:45 p.m.: Live 5 News has a video about the return of the survivors and how they'll miss those that didn't come back.

Update August 14: NBC News 2 updates that the survivors continue to trickle in and offers some potent quotes from them. The investigation is still ongoing.

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