U.S. News & World Report rankings are in; S.C. colleges fare about the same

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The college rankings are in from the annual U.S. News & World Report are in, and South Carolina's schools faired fairly closely to how they did in 2008.

The Citadel was ranked No. 5 among all master's degree-granting colleges and universities in the South, both public and private. -- They received the same rank last year.

The College of Charleston received No. 10 in the same category. -- Down from No. 9 last year.

Clemson ranked No. 22 out of all national public schools, and No. 61 among all national schools. -- Those stats are spot on for last year.

The University of South Carolina faired No. 55 and No. 110 in the same categories. -- Which is a slight dip from last year's 52 and 108.

You can go digging for yourself in the full report (or follow the links above). And here's the full report from last year.

Also, the publication rates schools in a number of different ways, and so each college tends to highlight the best numbers. 

Here's the headlines from all the press releases so far, and links to the full pieces -- which have valid further reading.


We'll keep you posted with any updates.


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