Cyclist wishes for a missed connection with an elderly driver

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Instead of the stereotypical pining for the hot girl that one couldn't speak to, one local has posted to Craigslist's "missed connections" page wishing that she could have avoided the elderly wrong-way driver on King Street.

An excerpt:

I wish we had a missed connection, but the front of your car and my leg and bike had a quite strong connection this morning. I’m still felling that connection.

Judging by your age (mid-60s?) and the large glasses you wore, I'm guessing you don't see as well as you did in your younger years. That’s fine. It happens to all of us. Hell, I’m 23, and I have pretty poor vision already. But, maybe you should considered heeding with a little more caution while driving? Here are my observations on where you could improve. ...

When you hit a person on a bike after you go the wrong direction down a one-way street, speed through a red light, and violate all the laws of common sense by driving on a street closed for construction, you probably should stop and at least ask if the biker is ok. Throwing your arms up and like it was my fault you nearly make me road kill was not your best moment. Neither was immediately driving away and leaving me in a sobbing, shaking heap in the road. If you had stopped, I might have considered you a kind-hearted, older gentleman who just got confused. Now I think you’re a jackass.

Wow. Just wow. Go check out the whole post.

Dear girl "left crying and limping at Queen and King Streets," you have my sympathy and amazement.

I should note that I have no verification of this, and it could just be creative story telling. -- Anyone out there witness it?

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