Crazy weather is crazy (update: effects of hail storm)

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Update 5/12 more details and video: WMBF News covers the spike in insurance claims and repair shop calls in the Conway area after the hail storm. Check out the WMBF video report to see video of the damage.

First Report 5/11: States all along the Southeast have been experiencing some crazy weather lately. From tornadoes to floods and for us, some golf ball sized hail.

To help a bit in the relief efforts for the tornado damage in Alabama, two Pawleys Island college students got together to form a group called C2C – Community2Community. Utilizing Facebook, old school flyers and made phone calls. In just a few days the group collected enough donations to fill a 14 foot U-Haul truck

Thanks to the storms last night there are around 1,200 people without power in Darlington and Florence due to trees on power-lines. Crews are currently working to restore power to those effected. Unfortunately, there seems to be more storms on the way for the area

With the crazy weather and the current world climate  the announcement of an addition to the national emergency alert system -the annoying tone that they seem to always test right in the middle of your favorite show- they are adding a text messaging feature to the service. The first to have access to this new millennium emergency alert system will be New York City and Washington, DC. Really, this doesn't seem to be a bad idea considering more and more people are turning off their TV's and Cable in favor of online options and switching to satellite radio. 

If you have some photos and videos of the weather we've been experiencing feel free to send them our way, or post a link in the comments section below. 


Check out WMBF News' story from last night below, and a short video shot by moi.

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