Severe drought for Horry County (update: no relief soon)

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Update July 18th: With no significant rainfall in sight, we'll likely be in drought status through all of July.

While the recent break in the sweltering heat has been nice, the lack of rainfall could be a bigger problem. Tropical storms aren't yet providing the relief we usually count on. Brad Dickerson of The Sun News has more details including an interview with the S.C. Forestry Commission. Read it here. 


First Report: According to The South Carolina Drought Response Committee Horry County has been upgraded from moderate to severe in the case of drought. The only other county to have a severe status is Marion. 

According to SC's Department of Natural Resources:

Every decade since 1900 has had three or more years of below normal rainfall. The driest decade was the 1930s followed by the 1910s and 1950s. The driest year was 1954 with a statewide average annual rainfall of 32.06 inches followed by 2001 with 34.88 inches. 

Horry County may be on track for another record low year if this drought continues. 

Carolina Live Has the complete report on Horry County's drought. 


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