Signs of summer: "skeeter trucks"

Photo by Malte Ahrens

Horry County will begin mosquito ground spraying operations this week with weather permitting. The ground operations will be conducted in the evenings usually between the hours of 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Operations will be conducted based on mosquito landing count rates not just on a complaint basis.

Aqua-Reslin is the pesticide used in the spray trucks, it is a permethrin-based chemical used for mosquito abatement. Although this chemical poses little risk to humans or animals, as with all pesticides, officials would recommend taking the following precautions while spraying is occurring: bring children and pets indoors; close windows and doors; home-grown fruits and vegetables should be washed, scrubbed, or peeled before eating. The risk to bees, fish and aquatic animals will be minimized.

County residents can help reduce mosquitoes by inspecting their property for potential breeding sites and using these preventative measures:

  • Clear drainage ditches of debris and weeds.
  • Keep boats drained, covered or overturned.
  • Empty, overturn or remove water-holding containers.
  • Change the water in pet dishes, birdbaths and containers used to root plants at least once a week.
  • Clean leaves and pine straw from clogged roof gutters.
  • Stock ornamental ponds with top-feeding minnows.
  • Maintain swimming pools properly.
  • Repair any holes in window and door screens.
  • Place mosquito larvicide donuts or tablets in ditches or other areas of shallow standing water. These may be purchased at most home centers.



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