LinkedIn profile needs photo to be most effective

There is little doubt that a LinkedIn profile is important to be aggressive in today's increasingly technological business world. What about your profile photo? Does it increase or decrease the chances of non-white professionals to engage others? Does the so-called "beauty bias" work against those without traditional features? Source of article: bad credit loans that are not payday loans.

People want a photo

The question is whether or not looks should be considered when posting a photo on your LinkedIn profile. Assistant Professor of Psychology at Ramapo University of New Jersey, Nick Salter, conducted a controlled experiment, asking just that question.

It is always helpful for people to see you in a picture on your profile no matter what your appearance is.

"People just want to look at you," he said. "The findings of an attractive preference weren't surprising. What I wasn't sure I'd find was that having no picture was worse than having an unattractive picture... A picture makes you more of a person and less of just a piece of paper."

When somebody had a high-quality photograph on their professional profile, they scored much higher than those who did not.

Reason to put in photo

Salter said that, even in the case where professionals want to keep away from an age bias, the lack of a photograph is a greater detriment than posting an honest one. It suggests that the matter may have something to hide.

Salter said: "I can see how people worried about age bias might not want to put in a picture, but people think you may be trying to hide something or that you didn't take the time and effort to add a picture, or that you're not technologically savvy."

According to Ted Prodromou, "I like to see a person's picture when I'm deciding whether that person is a great fit for my network. I've never rejected linking with a person because I didn't like a profile picture, but I have turned down invitations to connect with people if they do not have a picture in their profile or have chosen not to make it available."

The right Quality

It is essential that your LinkedIn profile image is an expert image. It should be a headshot with a friendly smile. There should never be a business logo in it, and there should surely be a high quality photograph.

An expert photographer is always a good idea, but those taken by friends or loved ones may also be just fine, depending on the photographer's knowledge, skill and eye. The shot should be as flattering as possible. The subject should be dressed professionally (nobody wants to see your pecks or cleavage on a professional photograph), well-groomed and flatteringly lighted.

You need to have your face in focus and the background out of focus, and make sure you have a smile. According to author Barbara Pachter, a smile shows people you are a friendly person to do business with.

Not a ridiculously old photograph

You have to make sure the photograph is also current or people will think you are deceiving them. This is not a dating website, and people want to see what you really look like so they can watch for you in a room.



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