Bill would keep Common Core standards in SC schools, for now

via WBTW

The South Carolina Senate Education Committee approved a bill Wednesday that would keep Common Core Standards in state classrooms, but would review them no later than 2018.

"Basically, the state's taking back over the standards," said Sen. Wes Hayes, R-Rock Hill. "We're to review them. They may decide to keep the Common Core, some or all of them. They may decide to change some of them. But it'll be just a normal review process."

The committee was working on a bill that originally would have blocked the Common Core Standards completely in the state. Common Core opponents have a long list of complaints about the standards, including their concern that adopting "national" standards takes control away from the state.

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***Just a reminder: South Carolina's Education Rankings By State is 50th, South Carolina is ranked 51st in Student Performance, and South Carolina ranks 48th in graduation rate. So there seems to be a problem, huh? Perhaps Common Core is the answer, it can't hurt our state's public education system. And more children who get prepared for college and learn to critical thinking skills is a good thing, no?***

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