Airport XXXpress Video soon to get green light to re-open

Airport XXXpress, which was deemed a public nuisance and closed in October, could be reopening soon.

15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said an order is awaiting Judge Cynthia Graham Howe’s signature that would allow Airport XXXpress Video to re-open after being closed all winter.

Airport XXXpress Video off U.S. 17 Bypass was deemed a public nuisance in October after Richardson’s office said that investigators reported lewd behavior at the adult bookstore off the bypass just south of the backgate intersection. The order said the business had to stay closed until October, but owners of the video store made strides to re-open abiding by the county’s newer adult business ordinance.

“They have brought the place up to what Judge Howe had said they should do, which is basically taking out all of the back rooms and having it open and no more holes in the walls or private viewing areas,” Richardson said. “I think they have done that or are in the process of doing that. When it is complete, they will be allowed to re-open.”