South Carolina BBQ joint makes USA Today top ten list

Last month USA Today ran a piece entitled, "10Best: Southern barbecue spots" and Hemingway, South Carolina's Scott's BBQ made the list. About an hour away from the Grand Strand, Scott's BBQ has become legendary for local and out of state BBQ lovers. 

What did USA Today have to say about Scott's?

The ever-smiling Rodney Scott has earned his place on the present-day Mt. Rushmore of barbecue. Scott cuts down the hickory, oak, and pecan trees used needed to power the concrete pits he uses to produce some of the nation's most decorated whole-hog 'cue. Scott keeps busy mopping his meat with his special secret vinegar-pepper sauce. Few patrons seem to mind his eatery's lack of amenities.

Scott's is the only South Carolina BBQ place to have made the list.

Check out their full list by headding to the source. 

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