More Former Hard Rock/Freestyle Music Park Rides being sold & surprise relating to the Family Kingdom

As I reported on back on Nov 12 that rides from the former Hard Rock/Freestyle Music Park were being sold well I was looking on ScreamScape for updates on the former park as the media hasn't reported on it in a while, and found some interesting information I would like to pass along.

According to an update posted on 12/9, according to sources that both the Doo Wop and Air Bike rides were both removed from the park and will be set up to run over at the nearby Family Kingdom theme park instead in 2014 and that a third ride, the Samba Balloon Tower ride, is rumored to be removed as well and will be sent to a new location which is unknown.

The second update posted on 12/11, indicated that a possible buyer may have been looking at one or even more of the Freestyle Music Park coasters the week before. According to a local reader while there where driving park the park on December 4th at around 5pm, saw a coaster car flying around the track on the  Maximum RPM (aka: Round About) coaster.

Note: For what it is worth I can not confirm that this information is true, but someone has to be providing it to ScreamScape as I don't think they would make this stuff up and if any readers happen to drive by the former Hard Rock/Freestyle Music Park please comment this article and confirm that rides have been removed from the park or there has been activity at the park.

Head over to ScreemScape to read all the updates and for further updates.


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