Dumb burglary suspect doesn't know how cameras work

Do we really need to get into how dumb this alleged  burglar is? I mean really? Any-who...the Myrtle Beach police are looking for this criminal mastermind that would give Sherlock a run for his money.

via WMBF news

According to the police report, the suspect entered the gift shop of a hotel in the 7100 block of Ocean Boulevard at about 1 a.m. on February 19. After looking around the store, he stood on a chair and placed the pad on the surveillance camera so that his acts couldn't be seen.

The question I have is: Did the 'suspect' BYO maxi pads? Or does the gift shop sell pads? 

Also, the ones with wings might have covered the camera better...but oh wait, yeah that's right his face was in the shot anyway. 

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