You're probably from Myrtle Beach if....

TheDigitelMYR"Back in my day, we had to walk to the pavilion! Up hill, both ways!"

Update 6/29/12: We've decided to bump this back to the top so our newer readers can have a chance to relive the 'good 'ol days' of being from Myrtle Beach.

Our Facebook group, You're probably from Myrtle Beach if... is going strong with over 2,000 members. People are posting fond memories, old photos and talking about things that only a local would 'get.'

Check out the past Updates below and make sure to join the Facebook group and share your memories of partying at the Purple Gator!

Update 8/22: It seems everyone is in a nostalgic mood this summer, thinking about Myrtle Beach days gone by.

With our Facebook Group, "You're Probably from Myrtle Beach if..." we've been spending hours reading members memories of decades past and talking with locals both born here and the ones who have been here since at least the Briarcliff Mall days. Coincidentally there are two big Grand Strand anniversaries this month, the first we reported on earlier in the day, Brookgreen Garden's 80th year and now we would like to say congratulations to The Sun News on hitting their 50 year mark

The Sun News has some great stories online chronicling their 50 year history in the area

Over at our Facebook Group we've been collecting some great photos as well. All of the photos have been submitted by Group members and we've decided to showcase some of the best below:

What are some of the photos of? Hop on over to the "You're Probably From Myrtle Beach If..." Group photo page to see the descriptions. 

Also, Group member, Laura Catton linked to a great YouTube video highlighting the history of the area from 1905-2005.


First Report 8/4: Inspired by The Conway Journal's 'You’re Probably From Conway, SC if…' Facebook Group, we decided to create a nostalgic group for all those who are from Myrtle Beach. 

These "you know your from" groups are popping up all over Facebook but there wasn't a Myrtle Beach one yet. In the past 24 hours the You're probably from Myrtle Beach if.... Group has gained nearly 1000 members and has hundreds of memories shared, posts liked and spurred huge conversation threads. 

We want to hear all about your fondest memories: did you spend your teenage nights at the Magic Attic? Party your 20's away at the Purple Gator? Skate at the place now called "The Purple Church?" Remember when there was actually a gate at The Backgate? Also, please feel free to post some pictures from way back when! 

So, what's your city? Conway or Myrtle Beach? Like High School days, we're stirring up that Myrtle Beach/Conway rivalry! 

**Important Note When Joining These Groups***

  • Be warned that these groups are open to the public so your postings will appear on your friends stream, so you might annoy some people if you have tons of memories. 
  • Also, so you don't become inundated with posting notification emails and a flood of group notifications, make sure after you join these groups to click on Edit Settings (next to the title of the Group) and uncheck the "Also send an email to..." option. To not get as many notification change the "Notify me When" settings to "Only posts I'm subscribed to."

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