On Grand Strand Golf: On verge of finale, Big Break Myrtle Beach a success for Golf Holiday, network

With the final episode of Big Break Myrtle Beach set to air Tuesday night, both Golf Channel and marketing cooperative Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday believe the show has been a success from their perspectives.

New episodes of the 22nd season of the Big Break series have aired for 10 consecutive Tuesdays, and Golf Channel reports that approximately 3.4 million viewers have watched at least some portion of the show, based on Nielsen national cable ratings.

“That [3.4 million] is a big number, that’s an impressive number, and we know that those viewers on Golf Channel match up with our demographic,” Golf Holiday president Bill Golden said. “They’re avid golfers, and avid golfers tend to travel on a much greater frequency than non-avid golfers. So from that perspective we’ve achieved the goal in exposing the entire destination to a very large audience.”