Half of the internet users are using Facebook: Report

One of the largest social media platform “Facebook” has surpassed another milestone successfully. At present approximately three billion people around the world are using internet in which 1.49 billion people are using Facebook.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckernerg has announced the quarterly earnings and progress of Facebook. It is quite amazing that this figure is equal to the population of world in 1876 when first telephone call was made. With the passage of time, the Facebook active users are increasing day by day. The rise in monthly active users helped in raising the second quarter revenue of Facebook by 39% on YoY that is now $4.04 billion.

Forrester analyst Erna Alfred Liousas the BBC, “But as well as keeping an eye on the short term gains they are also keeping an eye on the long term so they are future proofing themselves – it is clear this is an organizational imperative.”

The share price of Facebook has also increased during the quarter. Commenting on the current revenue and expenditure scenario, Zuckerberg said, “The costs reflected ongoing investment and improvements it had made such as its new data center in Texas which had helped reduced crashes on the network.”

With the raise in active user, the trend of usage of video on Facebook has increased as well during the quarter. Community platform is also planning to start selling of its “Oculus Rift 3D” headset in the first three months of year 2016.