Hells Angels on South Carolina Shore

About three years ago just north of Murrells Inlet in South Carolina, three Hells Angels attacked and beat up a 70-year-old 100% Disabled Veteran Chaplain. The Chaplain was in the area administrating Gods work and stood his ground in the face of overwhelming odds. At the time while interviewing the Chaplain, he said, he turned to talk to one of the Hells Angels and another from the back sucker punched him in the back of the head.

I suppose the young men who did this went back to the clubhouse and bragged how all of them beat up this disabled veteran Chaplain. I can hear the story how the three (probably in their 40s) HA’s could've said: Yes we whipped up on his ass as soon as he turned around to talk - my brother sucker punched him in the head. He was old and we know how to win a fight.

This probably has little meaning after three years to anyone except theChaplain who served in combat during the Vietnam War. The Chaplain has prayed for and with many veterans since Vietnam. He has also seen many get their just due as to how they live their lives and the moral respect they have for themselves, their club, combat veterans that have served and others. Only God has the right to judge.

The Chaplain has seen an evolution of events on the coast of South Carolina since 2012 and seen many on the coast of South Carolina get their just due. Our Federal Government has certainly screwed are veterans, but if this is how society treats are veterans and without remorse, we have fallen to a new depth.

The truth will set you free - can you handle the truth?