Myrtle Beach man finds $1 million Powerball winner in stack of old lottery tickets

A local man came forward last week at a Carolina Forest Scotchman and cashed in his $1 million-dollar, winning Powerball ticket after the ticket sat in a stack of others for more than a month.

The ticket was sold at the Scotchman at 3225 Postal Way in the Carolina Forest area of Myrtle Beach, and a drawing on June 6 turned the ticket holder into a winner, according to a press release from the South Carolina Education Lottery officials.

The ticket’s owner let it lay dormant for so long because he didn’t know he had become a millionaire, and it sat at the bottom of a stack of old tickets.

The winner heard an announcement on the radio about a $1 million unclaimed prize and found out he was the ticket’s holder after using his home computer to search past winnings while going through old tickets.