Myrtle Beach to spend nearly $1 million on barricades for use during Memorial Day weekend

Myrtle Beach will spend nearly $1 million to finance the purchase of almost 10,000 barricades, barriers and traffic cones to be used during Memorial Day weekend.

The barricades mostly will be used along a 23-mile traffic loop that will be in place from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. from May 21 to at least May 24.

Budget Director Michael Shelton said the city initially thought it would rent the barricades, but that would cost at least $700,000 annually. The city originally budgeted about $800,000 for equipment costs during Memorial Day weekend. The city will pay $930,000 to purchase the barricades, according to a finance agreement.

“It was more cost effective to buy them [barricades],” city spokesman Mark Kruea said.