Seasonal indoor ice rink planned for Myrtle Beach Mall

Ice is in the Grand Strand’s forecast again, but nothing like the frosty storms that struck the Carolinas last winter.

A seasonal ice rink is planned at Myrtle Beach Mall at U.S. 17 and S.C. 22.

Look for construction to begin soon between the Carmike 12 movie theater and Radio Shack, among the four roof-support poles next to Victoria’s Secret.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Steve Elias, founder of Grand Strand Ice Management who has worked to help bring an ice rink to the area for nearly five years. “I started this because as someone from New Jersey who had no ice rink after moving to Myrtle Beach, it was the one thing I missed from New Jersey that I felt we needed to give back to my family.”


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