Georgetown County Economic Development donates $50,000 to local startup incubator, Startup.SC

Georgetown County will provide $50,000 to Startup.SC, a non profit startup incubator working to build scalable technology-based businesses with the ability to scale to $10 million over the next five years. The investment will be matched with $50,000 from an innovation grant provided by the S.C. Department of Commerce Office of Innovation. 

Startup.SC will work to build an ecosystem of investors, mentors, donors and entrepreneurs that will attract top tech talent to the Grand Strand. Support for entrepreneurs will include educating them on choosing co-founders, creating pitch decks, finding investors, taking on investment, and providing a platform to launch their businesses. “With support of this magnitude, the probability of success is much greater” said John Sanders, Chairman of the Grand Strand Tech Council and a personal contributor to Startup.SC. 

The grant from the Department of Commerce allows for up to $250,000 in matching funds. Startup.SC is continuing its efforts to fully utilize all of the grant funds to support expanding operations. Dr. Sanders is enthused the funds were doubled through the state grant. Sanders made a personal contribution to Startup.SC because he believes it will aid in enhancing the region’s competitiveness for attracting tech talent. He is excited to see the growth that will come from the entrepreneurial activities related to technology and the Internet.   

“There are a number of factors that create a healthy, sustainable economy in Georgetown County” said Brian Tucker, Director of Economic Development for Georgetown County. “We have been able to successfully balance our wonderful quality of life, which brings almost a million visitors a year to our county, with our strong industrial and manufacturing base, which offers stable quality employment to thousands. This investment in scalable startups will round out all of the various components to offer opportunities to all of our existing residents as well as allow us to recruit the best and brightest to move our community forward.” 

“We are excited about the future of Startup.SC, the support of the county, and expect great things from the entrepreneurs and Startup.SC” said Ryan Smith, Executive Director of Startup.SC. 

For anyone interested in contributing to economic development through Startup.SC or submitting an idea for a business, visit

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Georgetown County Economic Development took very sensible decision to donates $50,000 to local startup incubator. In this way they save the local market of economics which can cover only local Startup. If planning and strategy is fine then they will get desire results from that decsion. However, I want to know about but like to appreciate the effort of Gerogetown Country for the donation to local Startup.