A sample of the fraudulent pizza fliers in North Myrtle Beach

Fake fliers scamming area hotels: From identity theft to operating an unlicensed business

"A flier slipped under a hotel room door could lead to identity theft. The scam isn't new, but Grand Strand hotel owners are seeing it a lot more this year [...] To protect yourself, gather all restaurant and attraction information from the front desk, look up restaurants online, or use a visitor's book which lists many of the local businesses."

Besides the WPDE report, we have been hearing complaints from hoteliers of not just this scam but one that could affect your gut.

The fliers above are a sampling of many circulating in North Myrtle Beach, with a phone number that goes to a Verizon wireless or T-Mobile account, answers the phone, "Pizza place", refuses customers who want to come and pick up their order and delivers sub-par, food that looks to be a 'fresh bake' store brand pizza. Additionally, their drivers deliver from unmarked cars, and do not wear a company branded uniform.

In this day and age, If you can't find one thing about a business online, it's probably smart to stay away. We tried every Google trick we know and couldn't find anything on "Beach Pizza" along the Grand Strand.

We're not sure which is worse, having your credit card info stolen OR eating food from an unlicensed, un-DHEC monitored business. Sure the former might be a pain to refute fraudulent credit card charges but the latter is just gross.

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