CCU student to bike across America

With 3,560 miles ahead of him, CCU student Luke Maslow diligently prepares for the Journey of Hope- a bike ride across America.

Luke Maslow, a senior Communication major, is partaking in Push America’s Journey of Hope, a 61-day cycling expedition across the country this June. He will travel from Long Beach, CA to Washington D.C., with the sole motivation of raising money to benefit those that can not help themselves.

“People with disabilities are the whole reason that I am doing this,” said Maslow. “No one really realizes the severity of disabilities that exist. Some people can not eat or shake hands. I use the thought of helping them as my motivation to get through preparation.”

Push America, a non-profit organization working to aid people with disabilities, requires cyclists to raise a minimum of $5,500 in order to ride in the Journey of Hope.

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