Pay-it-forward, Hidden Cash Scavenger Hunt Finds its way to Myrtle Beach (UPDATE)

Update at Bottom

First Report 5/30/14 8:00am: The pay-it-forward scavenger hunt for envelopes of cash that started in San Francisco, CA has made its way to Myrtle Beach. About a week ago, HiddenCash on Twitter started the pay-it-forward campaign with a desire to give back to the community in San Francisco. The Hidden Cash movement has spread to other cities and the Twitter handle @HIDDENCASHMB popped up nearly 24 hours ago and is planning the first cash hunt for today. 

HIDDENCASHMB plans on doing their first drop today at noon. You can follow the tweets and clues here. Below is their first general clue:

Good luck, and happy hunting. 


We have a winner, but he wished to remain anonymous. The luck hunter found $135.00.  However in the spirit of the scavenger hunt the woman below was given $20 because she was stuck and needed help. 

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