Myrtle Beach Police prepare to cite Uber drivers

Looks like the City of Myrtle Beach will be following in the footsteps of the City of Charleston...

via CarolinaLive

"Myrtle Beach police are about to crack down on Uber, a ride sharing company that officials say isn't licensed to operate in the city. And cab drivers who are licensed say they want Uber stopped."

Uber has stated that they will pay the fines for drivers who might be cited in these sting operations. WBTW spoke with Taylor Bennett an Uber spokesperson and shared that Uber wants to work with the city to fix archaic laws.  

via WBTW:

"“I think first of all in terms of those regulations, those are regulation, policies that pertain to transportation companies, to taxi companies and Uber is a technology company. We're not a taxi company, we're not a limousine company, we're not a transportation company. We're a technology company that offers a mobile application that connects riders to drivers, we don't own any vehicles we don't hire drivers you know so the categorization of taxi companies is inaccurate,” said Bennett.  

Bennett continued by saying in a phone interview on Tuesday, “in terms of the regulations in place they're antiquated, they're created in a time way before mobile phones or applications were even here so it's our hope to create a sensible framework and modernizing with city and state officials to create a permanent home for ride sharing.” "

Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, recently stated that their current valuation is $18.2 billion dollars -over 10% of South Carolina's GDP- good luck with the coming lawsuits against Uber. Head over to Bloomberg for their recent interview with Uber CEO where he explains how Uber works, their valuation, and how a lot of their drivers are former and or current Taxi drivers. 

Check out WPDE's broadcast above. 

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