NYT article highlights Georgetown fire, the city's future

This past weekend the New York Times had a great write-up about the impact of the Georgetown fire on their community, as well as a brief rundown of the city's economic boons and current woes. 

An excerpt of the piece:

"GJohn Witzl Walters is not entirely sure how he survived the fire last month that gutted seven waterfront commercial buildings and destroyed the painting studio and apartment he rented above a 140-year-old store on Georgetown’s Front Street.

But three weeks after the blaze destroyed nearly a full block downtown, he is one of many trying to figure out what the future holds for a town that for a century and a half has struggled to recapture its antebellum glory and, at least before the fire, felt like it was on the right track."

Hop on over to NYTimes.com for the full article.

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