Facebook page against BikeFest springs up overnight, over 9K 'likes'

The Facebook page "Myrtle Beach Against BikeFest" was created less than 24 hours ago and already has nearly 10,000 likes. The page is a reaction to the tragic events that transpired over the past three days. The page creators have also set up a Change.org petition. The petition reads as follows:

Over the past several years, Atlantic Beach South Carolina has hosted "Atlantic Beach Bikefest" or better known as "Black Bike Week".   This bike week has now spilled over into Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas.  Crime has increasingly grown, with murders, shootings, armed robberies, theft, and a plethora of other violent crimes.  Residents of Myrtle Beach live in fear and are prisoners in their own homes.  This petition has NOTHING to do with race, but the criminal behavior that flocks into our town for 4 days straight, every year.  The city/county makes little to no money after all of the clean up, the court costs from arrests, the sheer number of law enforcement that it requires and the countless of businesses that are trashed or robbed from.  Public Safety should be paramount and should take precedence over what little money (if any) is made from Atlantic Beach Bikfest.  It is time for our leaders to step up and make CHANGE.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

There is a lot more to Myrtle Beach demanding an end to BikeFest, the issue effects all of us along the Grand Strand; however, ultimately it is Atlantic Beach's issue. And short of the state/county taking control the town, next year will more than likely go on as scheduled. This of course doesn't take into account what the NAACP might have to say about the whole situation. 

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