Sanford, former governor and hiking enthusiast, knocks Myrtle Beach workers

In a recent piece published by The State newspaper Mark Sanford, disgraced former South Carolina governor (and some how, current congressmen), decided to slam Myrlte Beach restaurant workers in an attempt to stay relevant and to show how jobless benefits are allegedly being abused. 

via The State

Sanford offered the tourism business in Myrtle Beach, one of the nation’s top vacation spots for its long beaches along the Grand Strand, as an example of how he thinks the unemployment system is open to abuse. There, he said, restaurant workers would make big bucks during the summer and then file for jobless benefits in the winter.

“In many cases, they were seasonal workers who were, for lack of a better term, gaming the system,” he said.

The piece, along with one recently published by the New York Times appear to be an attempt to re-re-brand the same old Sanford. 

Hop on over to The State to read their write-up

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