CCU makes list of 20 Most Underrated Party Schools in U.S. has come out with their annual poll of underrated party schools in the United States and Coastal Carolina University has made the list (again). COED placed CCU on their list of underrated party schools back when they only had a list of 15 schools, now the list has grown to 20 underrated schools. 

What did have to say about our little CCU?

Ask any student why they picked this school and 99% of them will tell you, “the beach.” It’s the perfect party environment where students are raging Monday-Friday at local bars. Saturday is spent drinking at pool parties and 64th street, and at night they bar crawl it at Broadway at the Beach. Finally on Sunday, they attempt to sober up and study. Just kidding–they get drunk on boats and cruise over to Boathouse Bar where there’s a live band, outside bars, and volleyball courts.

So it makes perfect sense when a fraternity gets suspended from this campus, it is for SEVEN years and not four, just to be safe ALL current members have finally graduated. It’s not college, it’s Coastal.

Coastal Carolina isn't the only South Carolina school to make the list, also mentioned is Clemson and College of Charleston. 

You can vote for which school on the list you think is the number one most underrated party school and see which institutions of higher learning made COED's top 20 by clicking on through.

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