Sessions Street in Conway celebrates 50 years of Christmas lights

Every year for 50 years, Sessions Street in Conway brightens up the Christmas season.

Three neighboring houses in the heart of Conway fill their yards, roofs and porches with Christmas cheer – the plastic santas, glowing snowmen and blinking lights can be seen from several streets away. The homes, owned by two brothers and a sister, have extravagantly decorated for the holiday season since the early 1960s.

“It’s not just children that love this,” said Betty Skipper, who owns the house cornering Danner Drive. “This is Christmas for some people in the community.”

Billy Cummings, Skipper’s brother, has been lighting up the street since 1964. His yard is covered in blinking lights, plastic snowmen and wooden statues of wise men and carolers. Cummings, who lives on the corner of Sessions and 17th Avenue, carves and paints each statue by hand.