Tired off your old Gym routine? Put that $25.00 a month towards all-you-can-shoot paintball..

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Tired of your old Gym? Need to let off some steam from the work week? Need a good workout? Was your old exercise routine too boring? Welcome to the APB gym membership.. Let me be the first to toss a ball your way..

Adventure Beach Paintball is now offering a $25.00 a month paintball membership. Yes you read it right.!!.. $25.00 for as much paintball as you can handle. Plenty of exercise and tons of fun. This offer is only available for a limited time so sign up before its too late. Did I also mention that you also get a discount on paint? Thants right, you cannot afford to not be there this weekend.

Adventure Beach Paintball

Located right at the edge of Myrtle Beach...

305 Lays Lake Drive

Tabor City, Nc 28463


ask for Kevin or Renee Shimwell


To get the special:

dont forget to print out this article, or tell them that Joe from the Zombie Outbreak Response team myrtle beach sent you...  www.facebook.com/paintballmb


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Thanks for your interest,

Thanks for your interest, this article has gotten over 800 votes. Lets see if we can break 1000-to 1500 votes or more. I hope to see you out at Adventure Beach. Please share this on facebook they need your support to keep the only descent 100 acre paintball field left around the myrtle beach area. The next paintball place is a couple hours drive from myrtle beach.