Top Ten To Do List for Brides Planning a Myrtle Beach Wedding

Getting ready for the big day? Here are some tips to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Wedding Gown Prep
Check that your gown is good to go. Did you have that last fitting? Is it comfortable enough to dance in? Is it in a safe place? Did you make sure it is on a decent hanger - not just a cheap plastic hanger? You want the pictures of the gown to fit in with all those other beautiful pics, so make sure the hanger fits in as well.
2. Prepare an Emergency Pack
Surprises happen, so you make sure to come prepared. Make sure to include some extra makeup, a brush/comb, hairspray, Shout wipe and go, chalk, Deodorant, Fashion Tape for hems, dental floss, mints, mini sewing kit, drinks (water and Gatorade) for you, Mini first aid kit with Tylenol, umbrella, and chocolate to keep you going.
3. Polish your Engagement Ring
You want it looks just so to match your wedding band! That way the pictures will be really sparkly.
4. Don't Forget your Invitation
Unless you take the pictures of your invitation before the wedding, make sure you bring it along so the photographer can snap away...
5. Check out those Shoes
Does the shoe fit? Make sure it does and that it is comfortable. Try walking around with it, dancing, and just using it before the wedding. Pack wedges, just in case.
6. Schedule your Wedding Day
I created an exact schedule for my big day. Make sure you leave some cushion time in case anything runs late. Do not forget to write down the time of all the appointments. Leave some time to dress, time to eat, and time to breathe...
7. Journal about it
Write about the impending day, how you are planning, what is going on and more. It will be a great memento to read and enjoy after your wedding.
8. Prepare some Extra Money
Will you need to tip someone? Could it be you will go overtime? You may need last minute items, so keep some extra cash handy.
9. Rest Up Before the Big Day
You want to be able to dance, be present and enjoy. Although your busy and nervous, ensure you get some beauty sleep in the days leading up to the wedding.
10. Let it Go
Make sure you are as relaxed and stress free as possible. Things will go wrong as you plan, but by the time you get to your wedding you should be able to let go and enjoy.
Good luck with all your preparations!