Vote passed on raises, reform for coaches’ pay

Horry County football coaches got their wish Monday night.

The district school board approved a 2015-2016 budget that included raises for eight of the nine coaches by moving their teacher salary to a 220-day pay scale. That’s up from the previous 190-day system used, the area’s coaches will see raises from between $5,000 and $12,000 depending on their current teaching salaries.

Also approved Monday was a new system for all varsity coaches across the board that creates a singular supplement amount per sport. Experience will no longer be taken into account, although the specific supplement totals were not immediately known.

The biggest change, though, was for the eight football coaches who were not already on 220-day contracts. It was a move that happened, in part, because of early conversations by Myrtle Beach’s Mickey Wilson, Loris’ Jamie Snider and Aynor’s Jody Jenerette.