Waccamaw Pottery’s new owner says he has no crystal ball for its development

The new owner of the former Waccamaw Pottery said that he hopes the 3W International Cultural Center will become a place where Americans can learn about Chinese.

Its first offering, an exhibit headlined by six Chinese artists that includes a number of works by area artists as well, debuted in a corner space at Waccamaw on Thursday and will be open to the public through March 12.

Wei Min Wang, one of a group of investors that includes his brother in China, said meditating on the art can make people like him grow old slower.

In much the same way that Wang hopes the exhibits at the Cultural Center will educate Americans about China, he said that he and the other investors in 3W are learning what will restore the energy of bygone days at Waccamaw Pottery.

“We don’t have any crystal ball,” he said more than once.