The Citadel Graduate College

Register at The Citadel by Jan. 21 for new Masters of Education program

The Citadel is now offering a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. The M.Ed. in Interdisciplinary STEM Education is designed to improve teacher effectiveness in STEM education.  All classes will be online and will follow the Citadel Graduate College academic calendar.  Applications are being accepted; however, the last day to add a course for the Spring 2014 semester is January 21.

Glenda P. La Rue, director of The STEM Center of Excellence at The Citadel and coordinator of the program explains that the goal is to create 21st century STEM educators and leaders by facilitating a broader understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of STEM, a deeper knowledge of discipline-specific content, and new integrative approaches for the teaching and learning of STEM content.

"A graduate successfully completing this degree program will be adept at creating relevant projects for use in their classrooms and utilizing project-based instruction to more effectively engage their students in the STEM disciplines," says La Rue.

Although the program is designed for current educators, teaching certification is not required to be admitted to the program as other STEM professionals may complete the degree to better prepare themselves for roles in places such as informal education centers. Students with a master’s degree may request a waiver of the required GRE or GMAT scores.  STEM M.Ed. courses will also be offered during the summer terms.

For more information or to apply for the Citadel's M.Ed. in Interdisciplinary STEM program, visit or call Glenda P. La Rue, (843) 953-7121.