Welcome to the new TheDigitel

Dear readers,

TheDigitel team has been working on for this new version of the site for the last six months and we think it makes just about every aspect of TheDigitel far better. We've worked to refine the entire site and we'll be using your feedback over the coming weeks to fine tune the experience.

What we hope you'll find is that we’ve looked to the core idea of TheDigitel as it started way back in 2007 and drawn inspiration from how the web has grown in the past six years. We also have some new features on the drawing board to come over the next several months.

Here’s what's new:

  • More conversation driven than ever. We’ve restructured our posting system to be more flexible, ask questions of your own in addition to being able making hard (and soft) reporting contributions. Have a question? Pose it. Someone with a similar interest will respond.
  • Posting is easier and more straightforward. Share thoughts and questions without worrying about the publishing process.
  • We'll connect you faster to interesting stories from around town.
  • Quicker connections as articles not primarily written by TheDigitel contributors will link directly to other websites.
  • Upvote what you like. Posts and questions can be up-voted by all users, gaining more visibility.
  • Interact across cities. Pick your home town and see only local content, but when you travel just flip a switch and engage in conversation with the locals.
  • Get a reputation. We’ve added a “Top Contributors” section to feature those users who are most active in posting, answering questions, and voting.

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or e-mailing contact@thedigitel.com

If you're one of our regular posters, know that you'll need to sign up again (we've made it super easy and you can sign in with Facebook, Google, and Twitter) and then submit your post with the "Submit a Post" link at the top right of the page.

Thanks for reading and contributing.

-Ken Hawkins

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