Lovely chanterelle mushrooms, all you need to add is a bit of parsley, butter, and heat.

Foraged wild mushrooms still forbidden in South Carolina restaurants

Despite South Carolina's ever increasing appetite for locally grown and brewed food, locally foraged mushrooms are still forbidden at restaurants.


Foraged foods in general are

Foraged foods in general are not allowed throughout the country due to its unregulated nature. There was a push in California a while back but it hit a few snags and ended short of establishing a president. Now things like Forage Kitchens and Underground Markets are popping up to let individuals barter for goods and unique food items found freely in nature.

Foragers have gone from

Foragers have gone from family oriented "pick for yourself" to commercial enterprises. This in turn has started to strip the natural land of its harvest in order to record profits. It often spills over from permitted foraging areas to private land. In this sense, its unregulated nature has caused a bunch of push back from not only "family" foragers but also the government - trying to protect the private landowners.

Underground Markets straddle the line between family and commercial. Originally set-up for individuals with one type of foraged food that could exchange or barter for another type of foraged food. But now its a way for the masses that don't practice this type of lifestyle to buy items form essentially commercial vendors.

It's unfortunate that the term Foraged foods is "only" associated with mushrooms. The foraged food lifestyle is one that embraces all levels of finding editable substances in nature.

Morels seem to be quite

Morels seem to be quite popular in SC for foraged food. They are relatively easy to identify compared to other fungi, are abundant in parts of the state, and can command quite a high price.
I have seen social media posts that have alluded to restaurants using locally foraged versions of morels in the past few years.

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