New web app lets diners find Certified SC Grown foods at restaurants

A new app lets South Carolina diners know where to find SC Grown Food. A part of the Certified SC Grown program, Fresh on the Menu is an app that:

makes it easy for you to find new restaurants or remember your old favorites that feature Certified SC Grown ingredients. By including local products in the meals they prepare, these restaurants are providing the freshest and healthiest options in the state. And it’s good for the economy too, because you’re helping to support our local farmers and producers. 

Some of the apps features are: locate your favorite places to eat (or find new ones to try), virtually meet some of South Carolina's best chefs using SC grown ingredients, and a list of farms where Certified SC Grown foods come from. 

Since Fresh on the Menu is a web app, it is available to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, to access the new web app simply visit, also you can 'like' Certified South Carolina on Facebook

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