TheDigitel's first Town Crier, Herb, manning his post. You go Herb!

TheDigitel takes a step back... (Update: Hah!)

Update April 2: We hope you enjoyed this year's April Fools fun (did you also hear Gov. Nikki Haley is headed to reality star fame?) And check out more of our past April 1 highlights on our topic page.

First "reporting," April 1: We at TheDigitel pride ourselves in paving the way in bringing old media into the digital-sharing-liking-tweeting-selfie age, but enough!

TheDigitel is taking a new direction. Some might say it is backwards thinking, we say it is beForward Thinking ™. Back before news was delivered over fiber optic cable in bites and bits, even back before it was all ruined by that Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press, news was delivered personally. 

On the side of the streets once stood the town crier. The town crier. The noble person who told the good folks (within ear shot) the news of the day. We at TheDigitel are proud to bring back this once noble facet in the news industry. 

We hear what you're saying, "But guys, seriously, how is this going to go viral and get likes if it's just some dude on the street yelling?" First off, slow down, this is the 21st Century, women can be town criers too, so let's amend that statement with "Dude or Dudette". Secondly, who doesn't enjoy getting their information from people on street corners? It provides that certain je ne sais quoi. A town crier fulfills that undeniable human need for person to person contact, a personal touch that one cannot get from dead trees or what-ever rays coming from a screen in your living room. 

How will this all work? Well, our highly skilled and well trained criers will start their day at 6:00am boastfully reading local news' tweets allowed for all to hear, and will do so through out the day on the following schedule: 6:00am, 8:00am, 12:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm, and finally concluding TheDigitel Criering day at 11:35pm.

Our criers will also verbally, Retweet and Like our gatherers cheers and appreciation. 

Tipping of your local town crier is accepted but not neccesarry since we've scored some sweet sponsorships that will appear on our criers uniforms. If you would like to apply to be one of our town criers do so here.

Thanks for understanding, and yes, will be up and running also. 

The future is in the past, always be beForward Thinking ™...

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