If you haven't guessed our super exclusive piece we ran this morning, "Gov. Haley will lease S.C. parks to corporate sponsors" was in fact a joke. 

And, like any good joke we had quite a few of you all fooled, hook, line and sinker! Don't deny it now, we know who we 'got' with this little April Fools Day joke. Just so we are all clear, no, Gov. Nikki Haley nor Rep Tim Scott actually gave us quotes for this little prank. 

We're not the only ones who had fun today on the Internet with joke posts.

  • Google, the king of April Fools Day on the Internet had quite a few this year. Some of our favorites were, Goolge's 8-bit Google Maps for the original Nintendo, Google getting into the racing game with their automatic car for NASCAR and Google Chrome's multi task mode -two mouse (mice?). 


  • 239 Virgin Volcan1cVirgin also got into the April Fools pranking game with their announcement of Virgin Volcan1c
    "Only 500 people have been to space, only three people have been to the bottom of the ocean, but no one has ever attempted to journey to the core of an active volcano. Until now." Really, if any man was going to make a vehicle that can go into a volcano, Sir Richard Branson would be that man.
  • ThinkGeek.com's Electronic Hungry Hungry Hippos for iPad is proably the most awesome idea ever! This one might actually have a future, a couple years ago ThinkGeek had an April Fools Day product called the iCade which actually is now available
  • TOMTOM, the GPS navigation company worked hard on Project GAGA which sought to find the perfect navigation voice to keep babies and toddlers from
    crying in the car. And surprise, 68% of kids picked Darth Vader's heavy breathing as their choice for a soothing car ride. 


  • Google owned YouTube gets in on the April Fools Day tomfoolery with their newest product offering, The YouTube Collection, "The complete YouTube experiance, off-line." This spoof product will allow you to order DVDs of some of YouTube's greatest hits.

For a great list of additional April Fools Day 2012 online paranks hop on over to Pocket-Lint.com.

So, besides our brilliantly awesome April Fools Day piece, what is your favorite one of 2012? 

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