TheDigitel launches new print edition, TheDigitel.print

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Update: Yep, you guessed it. The proposed boxed editions of TheDigitel.print are our little April Fools' joke and our way of saying what we're doing at TheDigitel is only possible thanks to the Web. Thanks for reading everyone.

Oh, and for all you folks coming from StumbleUpon: TheDigitel is a Charleston, S.C., online community source of news, culture, and entertainment that seeks to blend Wikipedia, with blogging, with traditional journalism. -- At we find the best stories so readers don’t have to.

And, don't forget that we're on Twitter as @TheDigitel and @TheDigitelRSS.

Here's the original gag:

We at TheDigitel are all about connecting you to the best, but we know you don't always have a laptop or Web-savvy phone on you.

So when print publications started to lose circulation, we saw a golden opportunity to marry investors interested in saving newspapers with unused time on presses to bring you a new edition: TheDigitel.print.

Inside TheDigitel.print you'll find the same great connections to the best in local coverage, and it will be updated throughout the day.

The paper's first section will be a four-page rundown of what stories we've been talking about and who's been writing them. At the end of each story we'll tell you where to find more.

The details

But, wait, I bet you're wondering how you are supposed to read more about the stories we promote publications like The State, and The Post and Courier?

Well, that's the true beauty of TheDigitel.print. Harnessing the power of buying in bulk we can give you a copy of all the publications we talk about.

Be one of the first to subscribe and get this great backpack to carry around most of your favorite parts of the paper. That's right, inside each conveniently boxed edition of TheDigitel.print you'll get a copy of all the publications we reference. Each delivery will often include copies of The Post and Courier, The State, The Charleston City Paper, Charleston Magazine, The New York Times, printed copies of online-only publications and blogs, and audio transcripts of videos.

And to make sure you have the latest -- just like you get on the Web -- we'll deliver it straight to your doorstep every six hours.

TheDigitel.print: Current, complete, portable, no batteries, and recyclable.

We like to think of the TheDigitel.print as the perfected newspaper.

Excited? You're not alone

Here are some real testimonials that folks have written.

-- This new business venture shows that it isn't print media that is dying, but instead Internet readership is dropping.

-- Have your sales agent contact me immediately so I can start getting my print subscription and finally turn off the computer and save electricity. This is the greeniest thing the digitel has ever done. The environment will love you.

Go on, subscribe

For just $8 a day, the price can't be beat. All you need do is fill out a subscription request and one of our concierges will get in touch to work out where your four-times daily packages will go and who will sign for them.

Be one of the first 1,000 to subscribe and get a free TheDigitel.print backpack for the ultimate in portability.

Delivery starts May 1.

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