Burt's lifestyle change includes drastic tattoo removal

Myrtle Manor's Burt giving up party life

For years Taylor J Burt has been a fixture in the Myrtle Beach party scene. He's hosted and thrown countless parties in some of Myrtle Beach's hottest night clubs, but now Burt says he's giving it all up. 

After some soul searching and seeing himself on the TLC show "Welcome to Myrtle Manor" Burt says it's time for a change. "I've been doing this hype thing for a long time," Burt shares, "and it's time to change direction in my life." Taylor will no longer be promoting night life in the area, his new, more spiritually and emotionally fulfilling job will be to bring his hype show to area church's and Christian Youth centers. His first "Spiri7 hYp3" show will be this weekend at the Meher Spiritual Center near Briarcliffe Acres. 

This complete 180 in lifestyle will come at a price through. "I've already started the changes," Burt says, starting his new, wholesome lifestyle, the TLC star and Myrtle Beach celebrity has already sold his two iconic classic cars that have been featured in the hit show, "I now drive a 1999 Kia Sephia and I couldn't be happier." The money made off the sale of his cars has gone into savings and will be used for the next step in his transformation. Burt has made plans to get all of his tattoos removed, a procedure that will cost an estimated $30,000. "This art on my skin reminds me of a life I no longer feel, you know?

Burt's future with TLC's Myrtle Manor is uncertain, "We don't know if the show will be picked back up for a season two just yet," Burt says, "and I have talked with some of the producers and they don't seem too happy with my transformation, they want what they want." 

Taylor isn't the only cast member making changes, hop on over to TMZ to read on